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Make a one time 10 USD donation to downtimeblog.com and get a link to your website on our blogroll!

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How does it work?

1. Donate 10$ to downtimeblog.com using the above button (or click here). You can donate using any major credit card or through your PayPal account.

2. After your donation has been received, we will contact you via the email address used to make the donation.

3. You will provide us with the following: Your web address & site name (3 words max / 30 chars max)

4. We will put your website in the downtimeblog.com blogroll ASAP

Easy, isn’t it?

The fine print

1. You are donating money to support downtimeblog.com and keep it alive – you are NOT buying a link or anything else.

2. Allow up to 7 business days after your donation for your site to appear in our blogroll, if there’s any problem – contact us!

3. After you’ve made a donation, it is possible to cancel it (for a certain amount of time) through PayPal. We do not handle money, and we will never refund donations. If you change your mind about the donation you’ve just made, simply cancel it through PayPal – there will be no hard feelings, we promise! (We will remove your site from our blogroll though).

4. No porn, no spam, no service! We preserve the right to decline a submission if we find the website offending or otherwise annoying. If you’re not sure about your site – contact us!

5. Blogroll link will remain active until: Your website becomes unavailable OR downtimeblog.com becomes unavailable OR Changes are made to your site that disqualifies it from being presented in our blogroll OR blogroll SEO service is cancelled or discontinued.

NOTE: We preserve the right to remove your site for any reason, without warning and with no refund! It’s unlikely we’ll do such a thing though 🙂

6. If you want to remove your site from our blogroll (no refund!) please contact us.

7. Our blogroll is sorted alphabetically.

8. We are not responsible for anything, you donate 10$ and (if your site is okay) we put you on our blogroll. That’s it, everything else is your responsibility!

9. Any questions? Just ask!

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